Robin Singh: Fans Played The Biggest Part In Our Title Win

“Who needs Batman when we have Robin?” This chant resonated through the stands of the West Block A throughout the title winning season of Bengaluru F.C. Robin Singh, Bengaluru F.C’s target man had a massive role to play in the I League win last season. Abhijit Raghunathan from Sports Rediscovered has been following Bengaluru F.C and its talismanic striker from close quarters ever since the club started. Abhijit got this opportunity to ask Robin about a debut season that both the striker and his fan will never forget. So here is the big Indian and Bengaluru F.C striker talking to Sports Rediscovered.


Robin Singh (right)

How did it feel to win the I League for the first time?

Robin: Winning the title was the best feeling in the world, just thinking about the day and how I lifted the trophy gives me goose bumps.

What do you think of Bengaluru FC in terms of professionalism, work ethic etc?

Robin: The work ethic and professionalism is the highest in this country.

You came off the bench for most of the games last season, How do you mentally prepare for a game coming off the bench?

Robin: I mentally prepare myself to work hard and try to score for every game whether I play 90 minutes or 9 minutes I will never firstly let myself down and secondly the people who believe in me and my abilities by not working hard.

Did the Bengaluru fans have a part to play on the Title win last season? Will they have a part to play this season too?

Robin: They played the biggest part in our title race last season it’s them that motivates each and every one of us to go that extra mile and make them proud of the team that they support.

Do you think BFC is a good way to encourage football in India?

Robin: BFC has done its part and will always do its part to encourage football, but now it’s time the whole country joins hands and makes football the number one sport in this country.

How does it feel to have 10,000 fans chanting your name each week?

Robin: it’s the best feeling and I’m honoured to have fans chanting my name every time I step onto the field to play.

What is the key component that will help you win the title this season?

Robin: Hard work and perseverance will help us win the title again

Which is/was your favourite club growing up?

Robin: While I was growing up I didn’t have a favorite club. I was just a little boy who loved playing football and had hopes of being the best in this country. Over the years I have become a fan of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo.

As a boy, who is the player who had the biggest influence on you?

Robin: The biggest influence as a boy which I had was definitely the support, care and affection my parents had on me and the belief that he will make it one day. Where I am today I would be a nobody if it wasn’t for my family’s influence and belief in me

How does it feel to put on an Indian shirt and play against the best in Asia?

Robin: It’s an honour to wear the Indian team jersey and I’m proud to represent my country

The team has been put together and it has been almost 2 years now. How has the bonding and gelling of the Bengaluru side been?

Robin: Over the past 2 years we all have become one big happy family and we stand by each other whether it’s on the field or off it.

Who is the funniest person on the BFC team?

Robin: John James Johnson!

If I could only tell you the kind of things we get up to you’d either be in the floor laughing or traumatised.

You are seen chest pumping the staff, players and even the announcer. Is it a trademark Robin Singh celebration?

Robin: I’ve never given attention to that, but now that you say it, I might just make it my trademark. I just feel that a goal will never be scored the same way and no one will be better than the other so may be to make people remember the goal let’s give them a funny celebration to connect it with.

How did it feel to be especially feted during the BFC parade around the stadium?

Robin: it was a proud moment for all of us at the club and for the people of Bangalore, I think it’s never happened before in India so when people look back in history and remember this moment I can proudly put my hand up and say I was on that bus.

How is the team preparing for the AFC match this Tuesday?

Robin: the camp is very confident about the game on Tuesday and being our first AFC game we’re all quite excited and can’t wait to play and leave our mark on the Asian circuit.

Sports Rediscovered would like to thank Robin Singh for the interview and we wish him all the very best for his career. 

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