Mary Kom To Retire After Rio Olympics

2012 Olympic bronze medalist MC Mary Kom announced her decision to retire from the boxing arena after the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 32-year-old said her body would not be able to cope with the rigours of the game.


Mary Kom: Ready for the Final Bout

Mary Kom dreams of winning gold at Rio Olympics

The five-time world champion who recently bagged gold in the Incheon Asian Games, said she does not want to face the rigours of competitive boxing after having three children. But she would definitely make a push for the gold at Rio Olympics which is why she will continue till 2016.

“I have decided that I will quit after 2016 Olympics. Rio Games will be my last competitive event and I will not continue after that,” said Mary Kom.

“My third child is two years old and I think it’s enough for me. Who would have faced the rigours of competitive boxing after having three children? I want to bring happiness to the people of this country by winning a gold in Rio. I want to win a gold there and so I thought of continuing till 2016 Games,” added the boxing queen.

Rearing Fresh Talent:

Mary Kom said after the Rio Olympics she will focus on her academy in Imphal, which is expected to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister soon.

“I want to produce more Mary Koms” said the star pugilist from Manipur.

Disappointment at infighting in the boxing fraternity

Expressing concern over the infighting in the boxing fraternity, Kom said,

“There is infighting in the federation. Some would say to do this and others will say to do that. The boxers are confused and they don’t know what to do. Unless there is unity, we will not get anything. Boxers are the only sufferers”.


Knowing the 2016 Summer Games will be her swan song, Sports Rediscovered wishes Mary Kom all the very best for the Rio Olympics and hopes for the discovery of another ‘Magnificent Mary’ to whom the gifted gloves can be passed on.

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