Most Economical Bowlers In Cricket World Cup 2015

Martin Guptill scored the second double hundred of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. None were scored in any of the previous ten editions of the Cricket World Cup. But this one has been thoroughly dominated by the batsmen. Flat tracks, small boundaries, big bats, four fielders outside the ring. It’s hard work being a bowler. The 400-mark was crossed three times, the 300-mark was crossed countless times.

Consequently, bowlers leaking at more than 6 per over have become mainstream. Anyone who keeps it below 6-an-over has done an admirable job for his team!

Mitchell Starc has been one of the most economical bowlers of cricket World Cup 2015

In a World Cup where batting records galore, Mitchell Starc has gone under 4 runs per over.

Amidst this chaos, Australian paceman Mitchell Starc has an economy rate of 3.74. Three-point-seven-four. Whilst the double centurions are lauded, let’s take a look at the unsung heroes of this year’s World Cup. The miserly lot. The most economical bowlers in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Minimum qualification: Bowled 45 overs or more. 

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