Football In India: A View From The Streets

Football, the only thing that has more fans than Facebook is not the most famous sport in India and finds itself second to Cricket. However, it has gained much popularity in the country post the Indian Super League that was sponsored by Hero. The English Premier League that is the most watched league around the world, is also the most famous league in India with much of the support for clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Football in India becoming the first choice sport

With Hero ISL and I-League bringing in so much popularity to the sport, schools and colleges offer better coaching classes to Football enthusiasts. Building up a good environment for the development of the sport remains one of the top priorities of schools and colleges.

I-League teams also have their youth teams in the Under-17 and Under-19 categories that provide the best facilities and training for the young players who wish to develop a career in football.

Companies like Decathlon and Power Play provide well maintained pitches on an hourly basis for fans who wish to play. To cater to a wider set of people, these sports arenas are open 24 hours, 7 days a week that allow the corporate crowd to pursue their love for the game. Tournaments are conducted on weekends at such places to encourage participation.


Decathlon Ahmedabad has an artificial well maintained football pitch (courtesy

Colleges nowadays also conduct Futsal tournaments. Futsal, familiarizes football with the only difference being in the number of players, the former having from 5-7 players on the field at any given time. Notable teams that have emerged because of such provisions are “Sanka FC” and “The Phoenix”, both Bangalore based.

India to host the U-17 World Cup in 2017

India is all set to host the U-17 FIFA World Cup in 2017 which in itself is a great achievement for the country and gives young fans to pursue their interest in developing and inclining their career towards football.

India hopes to nurture some talent by providing such facilities and is hopeful that the country does just as well in Football as it has been doing in Cricket. Football in India is certainty moving in the positive direction!

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