ICC Cricket World Cup: Indian Fans And Media React To Loss

The painful loss to Australia in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup semifinal has left many distraught. However, at the same time it has left others proud to be a supporter of Team India. While Team India lost to Australia by a massive 95 run margin, it underlined a characteristic that had been prominent through this tournament – ‘Fighting Spirit’.

Therefore, it can be agreed that the media and fan outbursts after the defeat are certainly outrageous.


MS Dhoni and his men went down fighting in the World Cup semifinal against Australia

ICC Cricket World Cup: Team India Fans

A news channel that has evolved its own concept of ‘formal debate’ in India was at the thick of it as usual. In the wake of India’s loss, the infamous #ShamedInSydney was making the initial rounds. While An emotional MS Dhoni was not allowed a moment’s peace.

The flash on the Indian media seconds after defeat was a tough pill to swallow. The news flash read- ” India disgraced at Sydney”. In the wake of the criticism, the fans created a new Hashtag to depict the fallacy of the position of the TV channel, a new trend that shutout the previous ‘#’ trend.

Here are a few tweets on the row.

Team India Criticism

While cricket captures our hearts and all the air time that is possible on our sports channels, it would be wise to gain a bit of perspective by these wise words from Boris Becker when he lost at Wimbledon

“It was a game. Nobody Died !”

So to all pundits and passionate fans a small suggestion from Sports Rediscovered,

“Enjoy the Sport, dudes ! “


 There are many Indian sports heroes and winners to talk about and to write about. Let us rejoice in our sporting victories and be sporting in our defeats ! Game On !

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