A Prelude To The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket fans around the world are still in a hangover of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. Australia came out as the winner after some thrilling matches and the fans will now be looking ahead to the next world cup in 2019.

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup: When and Where


The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup will be held in England

There is no surprise or suspense about this as the ICC Cricket World Cup is held in every four years. The next edition will be held in 2019 at England. England have qualified into the tournament as hosts and the tournament will be played across eleven venues including the legendary Lords.

The Oval, Old Trafford, Rose Bowl, Trent Bridge and Edgbaston will be the other notable venues for the tournament. The final is expected to be held at Lords while the semi-finals might be played in Old Trafford and Edgbaston.

Who will participate?

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup would be a bit different from the 2015 one. Only ten teams will participate in the 2019 World Cup from which one will be England. 7 teams would be chosen from the ICC ODI Championship while the remaining two teams will be chosen from the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers which will be held in Bangladesh.


Even before the fixtures for the tournament are out, it has attracted a lot of criticism due to a reduction in the number of teams. This closes the doors for Associate Nations which proved to be a big area of interest in the recently concluded tournament.

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