5 Interesting Facts About Sania Mirza You Probably Did Not Know

Less than a week ago, Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza became the No.1 is women’s doubles rankings. She became the first Indian woman in history to reach the top ranking in any category. Here are 5 facts about the 28-year-old you probably did not know …


Sania Mirza

#1. Sania Mirza took her first racquet at six

Sania Mirza started playing tennis at the age of six. Her first coach was her father Imran Mirza, who risked his journalism career to help Sania with her early steps in tennis.

#2. Doctorate in ’08

Sania Mirza has an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. She received the degree from MGR Educational and Reseasrch Institute in Chennai in 2008.

#3. Recognition

  • In 2005, TIME magazine listed Sania among “50 heroes of Asia”.
  • She also featured in Economic Times’ “33 women who made India proud” in 2010.
  • Post her marriage, Sania was also the most searched Indian sportsperson on Google in 2010.

Sania Mirza

#4. Fatwa

In 2014, a fatwa was issued against Sania after severe objections were raised against her outfit in tennis courts. The incident hurt Sania so much that she vowed never to play in India again.

#5. UN Goodwill Ambassador

Sania Mirza became the UN Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia in 2013. She became the first South Asian woman to feature as a Goodwill Ambassador.

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