Sandeep Jajodia Ousted as Boxing India President

The storm brewing within the Indian boxing contingent blew out into the open on 3rd May, Sunday. A Special General Meeting (SGM) convened by Boxing India (BI) resulted in President Sandeep Jajodia and General Secretary Jay Kowli getting ousted from their current posts.

Sandeep Jajodia

Sandeep Jajodia was ousted as the Boxing India President

Drama Surrounding The BI: Leading To The SGM

In the drama leading to the SGM, it also emerged that Mr. Kowli had preempted the move by submitting his resignation to Mr. Jajodia, on 2nd May, Saturday.

Since its inception in September 2014, the existence of BI has been fraught with problems. The biggest problem for the association was that the IOA had repeatedly denied requests to recognize them as a national sports body. This issue was also aggravated by many members allegedly stating that Mr. Jajodia was not approachable and did not help resolve key matters.

On his part, the BI president had earlier written to the All India Boxing Association (AIBA) and mentioned the role of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in the unrest. Mr. Jajodia has also specified that the agitation could lead to an adverse impact to Indian boxing. In addition, he has pointed out that the rebellion by members opposed to him and Mr. Kowli could bring about a ‘de-certification’ of the BI by the AIBA.

No Confidence Motion

The ouster of Sandeep Jajodia and Jay Kowli came about following the no-confidence motion which was scheduled in the SGM. The meeting was convened at the headquarters of the IOA at New Delhi. Totally, 31 state representatives were present and the decision leading to the ouster of Mr. Jajodia and Mr. Kowli. The final outcome of the motion that was held through secret ballot was 55-2 with Maharashtra and Kerala absenting themselves from the voting.

Aftermath: What is the Road Ahead for Indian Boxing ?

The no-confidence motion proceedings were carried out before retired Delhi High Court judge, Justice R. S. Sodhi and were duly recorded on video, as per protocol. Vice-president Meren Nagpal was given the role of the acting President until new elections for the two vacated posts were held. It is expected that new elections will be held in the coming two months.

Mr. Jajodia’s comments have raised the issue of continued uncertaintly surrounding Indian boxing. Only six months ago the constitution of Boxing India was looked upon as a fresh dawn for the sport. Irrespective of the merits of the current No Confidence the party that gets impacted the most is unfortunately the Indian boxers.

Following this development, it can be hoped that newer elections and the consequent electing of the new President and General Secretary will somehow ensure that Indian boxers are not impacted and can continue to play under the tri-color .

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