Railways Proposes Administrative Cell For Indian Sports Stars

The scheduling struggles for Indian sportspersons working in various governmental departments are a well-known fact. The Sports Ministry is yet to come to a conclusive decision regarding tackling this problem even as it is considering all possible avenues. However, the Railways has come up with a proposal to develop a separate administrative cell for Indian sports persons.

The proposal has met wholesome approval from members of the Railway Board, but it still needs the approval of the Railway ministry. It has been placed before the Union Minister for Railways, Mr. Sunil Prabhu in the national capital, during an event organised to award Indian sports persons working in various departments in the Railways.

A.K. Mital has come up with a plan to help Indian sports persons

A.K. Mittal is the chairman of the Railway Board

Plan by Railway Board to help Indian Sports

According to Mr. A.K. Mittal, the chairman of the Railway Board,

It is often difficult to get (Indian) sports persons relieved from their respective departments and regular duties for camps and events. A separate sports cadre for active sports persons within RSPB would help them concentrate on their training.”

Mr. Mittal also emphasized that the recent notification about Indian sports persons eligible to receive 330 days’ absence in a calendar year was an immense boost. As it would help departments reconcile the official and professional commitments of the athletes, without any work-lags.

The chairman also pointed out that the Railways was seeking to ensure the redirection of funds towards improvement in infrastructural facilities for sports.


So a creditable initiative by the Indian Railways board and lots of Indian sports athletes will be keeping their fingers crossed to see if this plan turns to reality.

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