Barcelona vs Juventus Preview – Battle For The Treble

The battle for European Supremacy is about to be won and lost and the warriors are adding the finishing touches to their arsenals. Barcelona will be looking for their fifth Champions League title while Juventus will look for their third. The battle is on for another honor; both teams are looking to complete a treble of trophies. The battle for the treble adds an edge to the clash as the two teams look for a national treble.


Barcelona Vs Juventus Champions League Final PPreview- Barca have an upperhandd in battle of the Trebles.

For Juventus, the desire will be intense as they have never achieved a national treble in their history. Barcelona will be looking to add a second to their records tally.

Barcelona Have The Upper Hand

Compare the number of fans or take up the number of goals, Barcelona have a lead on Juventus in every factor that determines a match on paper. However, in the head-to-head record Juventus edge the Catalan giants 4-3.

Going by Barcelona’s dominance of world football and impeccable Tiki-Taka style of football, it will be a herculean task Juventus to contain Barcelona’s attacking trio of Neymar, Messi and Suarez. It becomes all the more difficult with Juventus’s Brazilian defender Giorgio Chiellini injured. His replacement, Italian Andrea Barzagli is an unknown commodity. Nevertheless Barzagli is just as skilled and it would be interesting to see how he contains the Barca attack.

Player Vs Player; Legend Vs Legend

Many player vs player clashes will also be staged on the grandest night of European football with legends lining up the field on both halves.

Neymar Vs Morata

They are both young. The only thing that distinguished them was their fan bases but Morata’s fan base is bound to have exponentially increased after he scored the winner against his parent club Real Madrid to bring his team to the finals. Both strikers have the pace of the young years but contrasting styles. Morata is a technical hitter of the ball while Neymar is a skillful holder of the ball.

Xavi vs Pirlo

The two legends of European football will command their men to overcome each other’s forces. With decades of experience on their sides, the two men will not only have to play but also inspire greatness. It’ll be a farewell match for Xavi who is moving to Al-Sadd in Qatar as coach and player and similar transfer speculations are underway about the Italian legend Pirlo. Xavi’s passing is unmatched and Pirlo’s technique is matched only by Pirlo himself.

Messi vs Tevez

That’s the battle that will determine the winner. The Argentinians will face off against each other with full knowledge of each-other’s playing technique. However, knowing Messi’s technique is far from being able to stop him. Tevez will have to give Juventus a lead to put any kind of pressure on Barcelona. Messi will look to twist and turn through the Juventus’ defense to exhibit his messi’merizing’ football skills.

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