Durshet Forest Marathon

Sports Rediscovered is initiating its coverage of the marathon circuit in India with a preview of the Durshet forest marathon.

It is that time of the year when running enthusiasts welcome the monsoon with open arms and enjoy the experience to get drenched, while running in the rains, under the dark cloudy sky. Think it can’t get better? Think twice! What if the run happens in the silence and tranquility of a forest interrupted by frequent bouts of rainfall? If it gives them the best scenic beauties with mountains awake with greenery, tumbling waterfalls and the valleys decorated with lush green trees?


Durshet Forest Marathon

Two running buddies from Pune, Nikhil Shah and Arvind Bijwe, joined hands to gift such an enjoyable running experience in the form of the Durshet Forest Marathon. Started last year, the marathon has grown in popularity amongst the running community in Mumbai and Pune, that is looking forward to a rich running experience with a touch of nature.


This year this marathon is going to be held on 2nd August, 2015 under the aegis of Raigad District Athletic association and will have four categories – 32K, Half Marathon (21.1K), 10K and 5K.

The organizers have kept the purchase of timing chip optional during registration, for runners who simply want to enjoy the run in their own pace and are not too serious about the finish time.

With staying and transportation arranged by the organizers, this marathon is surely going to provide the participants a great monsoon weekend getaway, mixed with fun along with a run.

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