Wimbledon Women Doubles Final Live – Sania Mirza/Martina Hingis Win

Sports Rediscovered brings a live report of Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis winning the Wimbledon women doubles final with game by game coverage. Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis were up against a strong Russian pairing of Elena Vesnina and Makarova and won the tie in a close third set.

The Indo-Swiss team tied the match at 5-5 in the third set with a rousing come back after being 2-5 down. Then after a short break due to the roof being pulled over , the next two games were won quickly by Hingis/Sania to claim a historic Wimbledon title. This was the first Women doubles Grand Slam for Sania Mirza.

The key moment was the way Sania and Martina started taking the initiative at the net and even followed their shots to the net. That change in intent and the ability to play more aggressively in the clutch helped the Indo-Swiss pair swing the result !


Martina Hingis (left) and Sania Mirza: All smiles

Set 3 of the Wimbledon Women Doubles Final

For those interested in such things, Elena Vesnina and Sania Mirza were partners for almost a year with their best performance being a French Open Final.

Game 12 : Hingis serving for the match and winning it !

Sania and Hingis three points from the title as Mirza intercepts a volley for once. A good baseline exchange in favor of Hingis to make it 30-0. and another ground stroke missed by the Russians . 3 match points ! And Sania and Martina Hingis are Wimbledon Champions ! A powder puff serve is enough as it causes the Russian error and a remarkable turnaround is completed.

Game 11 – Sania Mirza is feeling it with two return winners. Vesnina holds strong in a backhand to backhand rally with Hingis. Game at 30-30. Break point engineered by Sania by wisely going down the line followed by a Martina Hingis forehand cross court return winner. Sania and Martina will now serve for the title ! What a turnaround !

So all the players warming up again after 2 hours 18 months of frenetic action. The Indo-Swiss team has been behind on all counts other than the score board which shows the match is dead even ! So anyone’s game now !

We are waiting for the roof to come down and play is suspended till the roof is setup ! The last point made one wonder whether Sania Mirza brought the roof down !

Game 10 – Sania serving to even things up and gets a good serve in first up to go 15-0 ahead.Swinging Backhand volley by Makarova takes it to 15-15. Sania serve good enough for 30-15 and then a Vesnina forehand hits the net cord but stays on the Russian side. Its getting tense as the score moved to 40-30 on a sania mishit. Its deuce as vesnina gets the better of sania in a ground stroke rally. But Makarova misses a weak service and then it is time for some sania magic

Sania moves all the way to the backhand and hits an acute exquisite cross court that brings the house down and also brings the scores level ! It even brings the roof down it seems as there is a break for the roof to come up !

Game 9 – Two put away volleys by Sania and a fight back has been mounted ! Three break points as Sania powers her forehand against Makarova. 3 saved by Makarova but a stinging forehand return winner by sania and a volley by Hingis has the match back on serve .

Game 8 – Wow ! The Indo- swiss team play with intent and move into the net to finish things off . Its 5-3 with the Russian team serving for the title.

Game 7 – A great backhand down the line return winner and suddenly three break points for Sania-Martina pair. Three break points saved with two saved by the Russians at the net (This time Makarova) and the third due to an error by Martina ! Another error this time by Sania and the Indo-swiss pair are now down to 2-5.

Game 6  – Sania holds with conviction and stops the rot at 2-4.

Game 5 – Vesnina hits another 3 volley winners and now the Indo-Swiss pair are in deep trouble at 1-4 down in the final set.

Game 4 – Two difficult volleys missed by Sania and then the Russian at the net (Vesnina who else !) hits a couple of decisive volleys to break serve and move ahead to 3-1.

Game 3 – A determined Elena Vesnina holds for 2-1 and she has been the galvanizing force in this tie

Game 2 : Martina Hingis tries to get away with a double hit on the volley but the point is lost anyway. Followed by  an uncharacteristic miss at the net by Vesnina. Some good work at the net by Hingis for two points in a row and Sania holds after deuce. It is 1-1.

Game 1 : Good exchange at the net with vesnina again being the game changer. Easy hold for Makarova and the Russians are ahead 1-0.

There is a break as the trainer attends to Martina Hingis and Makarova takes a break. Players getting back on court now and it promises to be a humdinger !

Set 2 of the Wimbledon Women Doubles Final

Game 1 – Sania steams through the first game.

Game 2 – Elena Vesnina returns the favor and the second set is tied at 1-1. While the Indo-swiss pair is playing solidly they will need to do something to upset the fine rhythm of the Russians

Game 3 – Martina holds serve . Eventually it was comfortable with Sania Mirza hitting a couple of good volleys. 2-1 for Sania/Martina and they need a break here ! Come on India !

Game 4 – Makarova on pressure but is able to save 2 breakpoints. Vesnina poaches well at the net to take her team ahead but Hingis hits a beautiful backhand return past Vesnina . Deuce again ! This time Makarova pulls out a decent serve and then a great forehand that a lunging Hingis cannot handle ! Its 2-2.

Game 5 – Easy hold by Sania and she seems to have settled down well with some reliable serving. Let me not jinx her though !

Game 6 – The Russian pair gelling well and holding for 3-3. One good volley by Martina though and the Indo-Swiss pair seems equally determined

Game 7 – Great backhand by Vesnina under pressure as she threads the needle to take the game score to 15-15.  A good serve, following by a difficult forehand overhead by Sania right into Vesnina has the Indo-Swiss pair at 40-15. An error on the ground stroke by the Russians has our team ahead by 4-3. Time for a service break !

 Game 8 – The Indo-swiss pair saves two game points to take the game to 40-30 but Sania swings and swings so hard that it misses the court ! Its 4-4 and the Russians will be keen to wrap things here

Game 9 – Sania Mirza comes back string to hold after losing the first point. It is 5-4 in favor of Mirza/Hingis.

Game 10 – Couple of great volleys by Makarova followed by an exquisite volley by Martina. Game is heating up but the Russians stay strong to hold. Its 5-5 and we are into extra time in the second set.

Game 11 – Martina Hingis hits a swinging forehand volley for the sake of old times to even things at 15-15. A few points later she gets the service game and it is 6-5 in favor of Hingis-Mirza.

Game 12 – Sania and Martina get a couple of bites of the cherry but it is the Russians that take the first two points and Vesnina issolid at the net after making an error. It is 6-6 but one gets the sense that it was the best chance for the Indo-Swiss team ! Critical tie breaker coming up !

Tie Breaker

A couple of great Sania Mirza forehands and Indo-swiss team is ahead by 3-0. Uncharacteristic miss on the backhand by Hingis and it is 3-1. Good serve by Hingis to keep her team ahead by 4-1.

Makarova serves a fault and on the second serve finds a way to handle a tough Hingis return such that Mirza cannot handle the volley . It is 4-2 for the Indo-Swiss pair and make it 5-2 with a smart backhand return by Sania.

This set is now on the racquet of Sania Mirza but Vesnina is all over the net to make it 5-4 with 2 volley interceptions.

A piece of Hingis magic as she holds her backhand passing shot till the last second before blasting it down the line for a winner. Sania Mirza goes one better with a brilliant forehand pass down the line and we are going to a decider ! Hang on to your seats. A lot of tennis still to be played between the top two seeds

Set 1 of the Wimbledon Women Doubles Final

Game 1 : Difficult start for the Indian-Swiss pair as Mirza loses her serve to go down by a game

Game 2 : Sania Mirza and Hingis break back to 1-1 thanks to a great rally by Martina Hingis punctuated by a great backhand lob by the Swiss Miss

Game 3 : Some great ground strokes by Martina ensure an easy hold to take the Indo-Swiss team ahead by 2-1

Game 4 : A couple of mistimed forehands by Sania ensure that her Russian opponents hold serve to reach 2-2

Game 5 – Sania holds serve with a solid forehand ground stroke to end a rally. Sania-Hingis lead 3-2 but the match is on serve

Game 6 – Comfortable hold by the Russian pair as Martina makes her first unforced error. Match tied at 3-3

Game 7 – Martina Hingis holds serve at 15, with the only point lost on an unforced error by the Swiss. Match on serve but the Indo-Swiss pair getting more comfortable !

Game 8 – The Indo-Swiss pair take a couple of points but a strong put away volley by Vesnina has the match tied at 4-4.

Game 9 – Indo-Swiss team in trouble at 15-30 as Martina misses a tough volley but Sania comes up with a peach of a forehand that kisses the lines. Two service winners by Sania and the Russian pair will now have to serve to stay in the set as they are down by 4-5.

Game 10 – Indians get the pivotal first point but a solid serve has the game tied at 15-15. Great Forehand overhead by Sania keeps the game tied at 30-30. Indian – swiss pair two points from the set. Brilliant forehand exchanges between server (Makarova) and returner (Mirza) ends with a Mirza ground stroke hitting the tape and bouncing out. Another solid serve and we are all even at 5-5

Game 11 – A volley error by Sania followed by a double fault and the Indo-Swiss team are in trouble. They get broken due to a great interception volley by Vesnina followed by a stinging forehand. Russians ahead 6-5 and serving for the set !

Game 12 – Solid serve by Makarova. Two smart rallies won by Sania and Hingis to take it to 15-30. But vesnina swings in to intercept and hit a great volley. One strong serve and another great volley by Vesnina gives the Russians the first set 7-5.

So an entertaining first set, with the Russians providing to be more determined and also they were able to pull out the big shots at critical moments.

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