India’s Olympic Qualifiers: Wrestling

India have already begun their journey at the Olympic qualifiers with representations in athletics, men’s hockey and shooting. In this series of write-ups, Sports Rediscovered will bring to you one sport each week and its players’ path for the Rio Olympics 2016.

Indian wrestlers have a good chance in the Olympic Qualifiers for the Rio 2016, furthermore have a fair scope of winning a few medals. In the London edition back in 2012, India could field five in the whole competition and two of them converted their participation into medals.

This time, provided India can have a stronger contingent in wrestling, medals won’t be too far away either.

  1. Who can qualify?

At this stage almost all the Indian participants have a scope at the qualifiers. We would certainly not skip the Indian favourite, who put India on the stage of Wrestling in Olympics Sushil Kumar. Vinesh Phogat (48 Kg), Geeta Phogat (58 Kg) Yogeshwar Dutt (65 Kg) and Narsingh Yadav (74 Kg) are many among other applicants for Olympic berths.

Phogat sisters prepare for Olympic Qualifiers

Journey to their Olympic Qualifiers have begun (Phogat Sisters)

However, there are also a few dark horses eyeing the qualifiers, namely, Amit Kumar (57 Kg) and Babita Kumari (53 Kg).

  1. How can they qualify?

Now this is a touch hard to answer, however each weight categories have a total of 19 vacant spots that the wrestlers could win for their respective nations. In any case, it is urgent to perform in the World Championships as it holds six spots out of nineteen.

The World Championships are to be held later in September with Amit Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt and Narsingh Yadav included in the India squad. On the other hand, two of the three Phogat sisters will participate in the World Championships, while others will be named after the Kazakhstan International Tournament.

The World Championships is not the only road for the Indian grapplers; they will also have their share in the Asian Qualifiers next year and the World Qualification rounds.

  1. When will they qualify?

The individuals who have been taking after India’s Olympic qualifiers in the past would realize that our wrestlers gain an added boost in the last minute. Sushil Kumar fit the bill for the London Olympic Games in the World Qualification round, keeping the entire nation gnawing its nails.

India’s wrestling poster-boy Sushil Kumar (out due to injury) will be missing at India’s first chance of qualification. Be that as it may, the rest of the team would want to qualify early enough and avoid the pressure in the final stages.

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Sushil Kumar will leave it late for Olympic Qualifiers

Thus, again, our favourite wrestler will be leaving it late for his qualification and this time we hope it would be the Asian qualifiers for Sushil Kumar.

  1. Why we feel they will qualify?

That is a simple one to answer. A strong Indian contingent will guarantee better possibility of progressing at the Rio Olympics. Furthermore, Sushil Kumar has performed one better in his last two Olympic Games, which will likewise mean this time he will get to the Gold medal.

Leaving the feelings aside, India will need to enhance the quantity of members in the sport. With an enhanced number we have higher rate of progress, furthermore these players that have been alluded above are all stalwarts in their separate classifications with brilliant award count and stunning exhibitions at national and international levels.

Every week our team will cover one Olympic game and furnish you with updates on India’s Olympic Qualifiers. Stay up with the latest on Sports Rediscovered.

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