Asian Continental Chess: Abhijeet Gupta Defeats Lin Chen

Indian GM Abhijeet Gupta and Lin Chen were lined up against each other in the seventh round of the Asian Continental Chess Championship. A strong performance from the Indian earned him a full point against his Chinese opponent. With the win GM Gupta took top position alongside fellow Indian GM SS Ganguly with five and a half points each.

Abhijeet Gupta

GM Abhijeet joins GM Ganguly to lead Asian Continental Chess

Indian GMs lead Asian Continental Chess

Indian GM SS Ganguly leads the group with five points after six rounds. In the seventh round, Ganguly played the top seed Quang Liem Le from Vietnam. There was an opportunity to end a draw with a repetition in the 35th move but Ganguly refused to end it and extended the match by another 20 moves in the search for advantage before ending a forceful draw after a long-drawn battle.

On the other hand, GM Abhijeet Gupta came back to defeat China’s Lin Chen. The Chinese player hesitated and did not go in for a queen exchange despite every opportunity to do so as provided by the Indian GM. That gave GM Gupta an advantage to attack the opposition and he was quick to take advantage of unsupported pawns to create a favourable position on the board.

The two then opted for aggressive strategy picking out almost every piece from the board, before Chen surrendered going down by two pawns.

Vijayalakshmi maintains lead in Women’s category

In the women’s division, WGM Vijayalakshmi and WIM Mitra Hejazipour of Iran beat their respective opponents to share the lead at 5 points each after six rounds. The two grandmasters will now face-off against each other in the seventh round.

In aonther key game, Koneru Humpy and D Harika enjoyed a quick 20 move draw in the seventh round.

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