Sports Tweets Of The Week: Michael Clarke Bids Adieu

In this edition of sports tweets of the week, we take a look at the renewal of the English Premier League 2015. As exciting as that is, we also take a look at the retirement of Aussie icon Michael Clarke. Many a tear was shed upon his retirement and a few prominent stars took to twitter to wish him luck.

All this and more on this edition of sports tweets of the week.

Sports Tweets – #1 Premier League Underway

Sports Tweets #2 – Good bye Michael Clarke ! hello Steve Smith

The Australian captain called time on his career after a disappointing Ashes 2015 series , which Australia conceded to England. At the end of the fourth test match of the five test series, the Aussies are behind 1-3 with the English team celebrating their Ashes triumph. While the fifth match is yet to start, questions over the legacy of Michael Clarke are doing the rounds with a brilliant coverage by Jarrod Kimber in the tweet below.

Sports Tweets 3 – Ashes for Women

Sports Tweets #4 – Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are always good topics to initiate a tennis discussion.

Sports Tweets #5 – FIBA Cup in Philippines


So that is a recap of the sports tweets last week. Watch this space for the tweets this week

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