Memorable Pre-Independence Indian Sports Moments

The Pre-Independence India had its fair share of success in sports. As the nation is all set to celebrate Independence Day this year, here is a look back at some of those memorable Pre-Independence Indian Sports Moments that we should remember on the special day.

#1 Norman Pitchard wins Two Medals (1900)


Norman Pitchard

Norman Pitchard became the first Asian to win a medal at the Olympic Games when he won two silver medals in the 1900 Paris Olympics. He was also the first Indian born athlete to compete in the Olympic Games as well.

#2 Mohun Bagan Beat East Yorkshire in IFA Shield (1911)


Mohun Bagan Team of 1911

June 29, 1911 will be one of the most memorable days in the history of Indian Football. Mohun Bagan team, which consisted of natives, went on to defeat East Yorkshire 2-1 to win the IFA Shield in Kolkata. A team filled with Indians winning the Shield was a great moment and it attracted a lot of attention as well.

#3 Indian Hockey Team Completes Hat-Trick of Olympic Hockey titles (1928-1936)


Indian Hockey Team for 1932 Olympics

The Indian Hockey Team made their Olympics debut in 1928. The team went on to win the gold that year. However, the journey didn’t stop there. The hockey team completed a hat-trick of hockey gold medals in 1936 and all three gold medals before Independence came in dominating fashion.

#4 Indian Cricket team makes their Test Debut (1932)


Indian Cricket Team that visited England in 1932

India made their Test Cricket Debut in 1932. The team went up against England at the Lords Cricket Ground and the match gathered a lot of attention. Almost 24,000 people came down to see the match including the King of United Kingdom. Indian team lost the match but it was a memorable debut.

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