All-Round U Mumba Waltz To The Finals

The second semi-final at the NSCI stadium witnessed leaders U Mumba take on 4th placed Patna Pirates. The first semi final match was a nail-biter but the second was mostly a one-sided contest.

U Mumba overpowered other teams throughout the contest and they lived up to their expectations. The Mumbai outfit comfortably went past the Patna Pirates in order to set-up final clash against Bengaluru Bulls.

U Mumba seal final clash against Bengaluru Bulls

U Mumba ready to win Pro Kabaddi League season 2

U Mumba gain quick lead

In the opening minutes of the game, U Mumba attacked and defended with vigor to establish an early hold over the Patna Pirates. They were so dominant that they did not give away any points to the opposition in the first 7 minutes. And when the Pirates did manage to open its score, U Mumba gained an unassailable eleven points lead by the 12th minute through raids of Anup Kumar and Shabeer Bapu.

U Mumba further extended its lead by the end of the half to 16 points as they added some tight defending to their approach. The scorecard read 22-6 at half-time.

No way back for Patna Pirates

You cannot blame the Patna Pirates fans for being hopeful of a complete turnaround in the final minutes, especially after the way Telugu Titans managed to almost win it. But, one thing can be said to be similar between both Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans- their international acquisitions’ failure to perform in the semis.

Pirates’ Tae Deok Eom had a forgetful night, failing to win any raiding points for his team tonight.

As the second half began, Patna seemed to have come-up with a plan winning some early points going into double figures after a poor first half. However, the happiness was short-lived as U Mumba continued to maintain their enormous lead leaving the Patna Pirates and their coach clueless.

Opting to tighten their defense, Patna Pirates managed to earn a few more points, but not enough to challenge the league leaders in any way.

At the end it was as was expected. U Mumba thrashed the Patna Pirates with a brilliant all-round display of talent. Surender Nada impressed in particular, single-handedly winning 10 points for the Mumbai side.For his sterling performance the 25-years-old was awarded the Man of the Match award.

This will be U Mumba’s second consecutive final appearance and this time they will want to ensure that the league leaders and league title holders refer to the same team this year – U Mumba !

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