Guess Who Took Down Usain Bolt ? [VIDEO]

Usain Bolt made history by winning the 200m race at the World Athletics Championship quite comfortably. The Jamaican sprinter clocked in with a season best timing of 19.5 seconds and added one more gold to his name. Bolt had earlier won the 100m event, and the second gold is sure to boost his confidence after being laid off for major part of the season due to injury.

Usain Bolt sees the funny side


Usain Bolt

However, there was an incident after the race that caught a lot of attention. Bolt was having his usual celebratory walk after winning the race and was suddenly taken out by a cameraman. The cameraman was busy filming Bolt’s celebration and got too close to the Jamaican.

Both men collided, losing their balance and going to the ground immediately. Bolt, was able to see the funny side of the whole thing and stood up with a wide smile on his face.

Watch Cameraman Hits Usain Bolt After 200m Race

Bolt will be back in action for the 4x100m relay later in the tournament and the fans will be eagerly looking forward to the same.

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