Sports Stats Weekly #9: Indian Wrestlers Eye Olympic Glory

Wrestling is one among many of the ancient sports in the world we live in. And India wrestlers have helped created a rich history in the sport, with numerous achievements and records to their name.

Sushil Kumar_Wrestling

Sushil Kumar: India’s shining star in Wrestling

Now, some of you might find that amusing. So are you ready to get to know more about the achievements of Indian wrestlers ?

#1 Four Olympic medals by Indian Wrestlers

Wrestling has been an Olympic sport for a very long time, and only four medals don’t sound like a great record to most. However, it is still an achievement and one that should make you proud.

Two of the four medals are credited to India’s best wrestler at this time, Sushil Kumar. He won the bronze back in 2008 and the silver in 2012. Yogeshwar Dutt added another medal during the 2012 tally with a bronze.

So, that leaves us with one more medal.

It was won way back in 1952, the first medal in post-independence India in a sport apart from hockey. Khashbaba Jadhav won a bronze for the India in wrestling.

#2 Fifty Plus medals by Indian Wrestlers at Asian Games

Yes, you heard it correct. India has more than 50 (56, according to Wikipedia) medals to its name in the sport of wrestling at the Asian Games. This puts India only behind Japan, Iran and South Korea in the all time medal winners list.

However, when you look at the list viewing the gold and the silver medals, India falls behind at the seventh spot with 9 gold, 14 silver and 33 bronze medals.

#3 Indian Wrestlers won 12 medals at 1962 Asian Games

The 1962 Asian Games were India’s most successful performance in Wrestling at the Asian Games as we finished with 3 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals. The Jakarta Asian Games is also remembered as five of India’s wrestlers, Ganpat Adalkar, Malwa, Maruti Mane, Sajjan Singh and Udai Chand won two medals each for their nation.

#4 India is 2nd on all-time medal winners at Commonwealth Games

India is on the second spot in the all-time medal winners list with 90 medals behind leaders Canada at 125 medals. India’s medals include 38 gold, 35 silver and 17 bronze.

And you would be happy to also know that India’s best performance at the Commonwealth Games came at home, during the 2010 Games in New Delhi. India won 19 medals during the competition in wrestling, including 10 gold medals.


Do you think, Indian wrestlers will improve their record during the Rio Olympics next year in wrestling? With the rich history behind them, the support of the nation and role models like Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar  Dutt the hopes of Indian wrestlers are high for a repeat performance.

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