Indian Sailing Duo Reinstated for Asiad – Thanks To Activist Rahul Mehra

Justice delayed is not always justice denied. For Indian hopefuls, Diya Anna Correa and Upamanyu Dutta the Delhi High Court threw a life line by allowing them to be reinstated to the Asian Games squad.


Upamanyu Dutta(Left) is a winner of several national and international competitions

The Delhi High Court over ruled the Centre’s decision to disallow two Indian sailers from participating in the Asian Games 2014. The 420 class sailing event was dropped by the Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports. In a speedy verdict by Justice Vibhu Bakhru, the court has ordered to reinstate the category and allow the two young Indian sailors, Diya Anna Correa and Upamanyu Dutta to participate in the games as the country’s representatives.

In her order Justice Vibhu Bakhru stated that taking away the chances of the two young sailers is against the Olympic creed. The order further stated that, “The Most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle “.

Stellar work by Sports Activist Rahul Mehra

According to a petition filed by sports activist and advocate Rahul Mehra, the athletes had not only qualified for this event but had already sent their equipment and boats to Korea and were in training for this event for over a year.

This is a significant achievement by Rahul Mehra for some day these two sailers may end up winning a medal for India because they got this exposure to the Asian Games at an early age.  In a twitter post Rahul requested the authorities to support the young sailers

Asian Games Participation Update

The Indian contingent has initiated a request for allowing the 2 sailers to take part in the event.

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