Archery World Cup: India Wins Bronze medal

The Indian team came out with a sole Bronze medal in the Archery World Cup Stage 4 being held at Medellin, Colombia. The team went into the tournament without their regulars. However, the men’s compound team managed to shine and had a solid performance to clinch bronze medal.


Sarvesh Pareek

The compound team which consisted of Sandeep Kumar, Sarvesh Pareek and Isaiah Rajender Sanam, defeated the Venezuela team 231-222 in the Bronze medal playoff. The Indian team was seeded sixth in the tournament whereas the Venezuela team, which consisted of Nelson Torres, Leandro Rojas and Eduardo Gonzalez, was seeded fourth.

It was a consistent performance that helped India win the medal when Venezuela failed to come up with a good start.

Compound Mixed Pair team miss out on Bronze at Archery World Cup

The Compound mixed pair team was also in the running for a Bronze medal at the tournament but failed to reach the ultimate goal. The team of Pareek and Trisha Deb lost to Reo Wilde and Lexi Keller of United States 150-156 in the crucial match.

The Archery Association of India will be happy with the performance as it was only a second string side that went to Colombia. The big names are all set to compete in the Sambodromo Rio Olympics test event.

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