HIL Auction: Sardar Singh and Rupinder Under The Hammer

Top names of Indian Hockey Team – Sardar Singh and Rupinder Pal Singh – are all set to be the major attractions in this year’s Hockey India League Auctions.


Sardar Singh

Sardar, who is the captain of the Indian team, is expected to attract a lot of attention. Apart from these two, there will be around 135 Indian players and 137 foreign players taking part in the auction. The list of foreign players includes names like Jamie Dwyer, Nicolas Jacobi, Andrew Hayward, Kieran Govers and Lucas Rey.

FIH CEO, Kelly Fairweather will be present for the auction, owing to new regulations, which in turn would help in getting the backing of International Hockey Federation. Representatives and coaches of each franchise will also be there for the auction.

HIL Auction regulations

Each franchise will be able to build a team of 20 players with 12 Indian Players and 8 Foreign Players. Chairman of Hockey India League, Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra voiced his excitement about the actions.

“It will be an exciting moment to see the franchises targeting the finest players to ensure a successful bidding session. What will play a key role is the new regulations introduced just a couple of days back. If one field goal results in two goals, so I think the strategy will be to have the best strikers in the team. So I am sure there will be last moment thinking in terms of targeting the best possible players for each ones team,” he said.

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