Vijender Singh Wants Pro-Boxing In India

Vijender Singh has settled into life in London and is raring to go for his pro-boxing debut on the 10th of October this year. However, the Olympic and World Championship medallist is not finding it easy at coping with the demands of his new career.


Vijender Singh awaits pro debut

“Nothing comes easy in life. It is not easy to win an Olympic medal or an Asian Games medal or even (to do well in) pro boxing. I am preparing for pro boxing, training hard. Several Indians have tried their hand at professional boxing earlier. I want Indian boxers to do well in pro boxing,” said Vijender Singh.

Pro-boxing is quite different: Vijender Singh

Exploring about his life in the pro-boxing arena Vijender Singh has learnt lots, “There are many more rounds in pro boxing. One may have to fight up to 12 rounds in a bout. We do very long and hard training sessions which make you mentally stronger. You are put in situations against top boxers.”

On preparing his fight against unknown boxers, Vijender said, “I am made to fight with boxers from heavier weights and sometimes those from lighter weights. It does not matter who the boxers are. It is just boxing. You have to throw punches and get back punches.”

Pro-Boxing in India

Ever since opting for Pro-boxing, Vijender has backed the notion to bring the sport to India. Bringing the sport to India can help encourage many more amateur boxers to take up pro-boxing and can help bring in others to join the sport.

Vijender Singh went in full support of the sport by saying, “I want pro boxing started in India very soon so that people will get to know about it. Brig. Raja (Former Indian Boxing Federation secretary-general) is doing a good job and if I can help him in any way I am willing to do it.”

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