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Table Tennis, like many other sports in India, is played mainly as a leisure activity. It began in the 1880s in England, and made it to India during the pre-independence period. Success for India, however, has been sporadic, at best.

Table Tennis

Sharath Kamal is India’s most successful Table Tennis player

However, there have been changes and modernization of the game and India has emerged much stronger than before. Here we look at some of Indian players’ achievements in Table Tennis:

Gool Nasikwala won India’s first International medal in Table Tennis

Gool Nasikwala played Table Tennis back in the 1950s for India. It was in the 1952 Asian Championships when she won her and India’s first medal in the sport. And, it was not just one. She won three gold medals at the inaugural Asian TT Championships that year in the women’s singles, women’s doubles and the mixed doubles.

Nasikwala partnered with Japan’s Yoshiko Tanaka in women’s doubles and Kalyanpur Jayant in the mixed doubles competition.

Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships

India’s wheel of success began rolling at the Commonwealth Championships with Chetan Baboor and Subramaniam Raman in 1997, while Sharath Kamal has managed to uphold the winning of late.

Sharath is the only Indian to win a single’s gold at the Commonwealth Championships. He achieved this feat back in the year 2004 in Malaysia.

India ranks third at the Commonwealth Games Table Tennis

India’s 12 medals at the Commonwealth Games ranks at an all time third position, behind Singapore (44 medals) and England (15 medals).

The 12 medals include 4 gold medals, of which Sharath Kamal has won 3.

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