Pankaj Advani Wins Title No. 14

Pankaj Advani is India’s most successful cueist. The ISBF World Billiards Championship recently concluded at Adelaide became his 14th world title. He ousted Singapore’s Peter Gilchrist in the finals of the competition by a margin of 1168 points.


Pankaj Advani wins his 14th title at Adelaide

A good night’s sleep did the trick for Pankaj Advani

After winning his 14th world title, Pankaj Advani stated, “I was determined to get even with Peter (Gilchrist) after losing the point format final to him. A productive chat with my sports psychologist brother Shree and a good night’s sleep did the trick. We discussed my strategies and mental approach the night before the big final and it all panned out perfectly.”

Pankaj started the game in fine form picking over 100 points by the first break of the game. He followed the century with consecutive triple-centuries that almost sealed the game for the Indian champion as Peter failed to cause any trouble to the Indian.

A great year for Pankaj Advani

This is the second world title Pankaj Advani received. He won his 13th in August defeating China’s Yan Bingtao in Karachi.

The Bengaluru boy would be hopeful of continuing his sublime form in the upcoming tournaments and continue to bring laurels for the country in cue sports.


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