Vijender Singh Dominates In His Pro Debut

Vijender Singh, the Indian pugilist, whose professional debut has given the country a new sense of pride, and undoubtedly a new found interest in professional boxing, started off on a winning note at the Manchester Arena a couple of hours earlier today, in the middleweight category.

The boxer from Haryana, who catapulted to fame after his exploits at the 2008 Olympics, and later at the World Championships, faced Rochester’s Sonny Whiting. However, going into the bout, Vijender was a heavy favourite for the bookies, even as his relatively seasoned opponent, who entered the fight with a win – loss record of 2 – 1, vowed to welcome Vijender to the professional level with a loss.

Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh dominated in his pro debut against Sonny Whiting

A dominating performance by the Indian

Vijender began the first round as expected, going forward while Sonny took a more cautious approach. Vijender connected with jabs and hooks, as both the boxers sized each other up. At the end of the first round, Vijender found his feet, and looked comfortable.

The only hole in Vijender’s game was his defensive guard; the boxer, who was constantly pushing Sonny dropped his guard a few times. However, Vijender was still in control, as the fans inside the arena rallied behind the Indian.

In the third round, Vijender rode on his momentum, as he unleashed a flurry of jabs. A couple of minutes into the third round, Vijender managed to break Sonny’s defense, and landed a series of hard jabs and punches, resulting in the referee stepping in and stopping the fight. This gives the Indian the first win of his professional career.

In the end, it was a sensible match up, but Vijender was always going to be the favorite going into the fight. With his contract stating that he would have up to six fights in a year, it will be interesting to see who he will be matched up against next.Sure enough the Indian supporters will start queuing up as Vijender makes his move up the professional boxing hierarchy.

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