Combat Sportsperson Of The Week: Pradeep Singh Sihag

In this week’s edition of Combat Sportsperson, let us talk about another Indian boxer who is a veteran in the professional ring at the age of 28. Pradeep Singh Sihag took to professional boxing at the age of 18 and has achieved enough for being regarded as successful in the arena.

pradeep singh sihag

Pradeep Singh Sihag “The Indian Warrior”

Representing India and the move to Australia

Many would think that Pradeep Singh Sihag has never represented India. However, that is wrong. Pradeep represented India in the Commonwealth Youth Games and the YMCA Games. Looking at the situation of boxing in India at the time, Pradeep took a conscious decision to move abroad for his future.

Pradeep’s destination happened to be Australia where he would begin his professional boxing career. Starting life in a foreign country Pradeep had his share of difficulties to live up to his dream of becoming a boxer.

Why “The Indian Warrior”?

Pradeep Singh Sihag is nicknamed, “The Indian Warrior” in the professional arena.

Because there is no other professional Indian boxer, I am the only one. In India, there are 12 rounds and that is too long. I am in professional boxing in Australia and one needs to be a ‘warrior’. This is what Pradeep answered during an interview for South Asian Times in September 2010.

18 Wins in professional boxing for Pradeep Singh Sihag

Pradeep has managed a total of 18 wins since his debut as an 18 year old in 2005, according to The Indian has only lost four bouts throughout his career, making his win record quite impressive.

Apart from his staggering number of wins, Pradeep is also WBC Asian middleweight champion in professional.

Today, not many people in India know about Pradeep, but, he takes great pride in holding India up in professional boxing.

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