Sports Stats Weekly: Top Indian Swimmers

Swimming is not much of a popular sport in the country. And Indian swimmers are hardly ever recognized by the media, and nor do national celebrities endorse the discipline. Does that mean India does not have any quality swimmers?

Virdhawal Khade

Virdhawal Khade

Let us find out in this week’s Sports Stats Weekly:

Indian Swimmers at Asian and Commonwealth Games

It is true that India does not have a Michael Phelps in its squad for the international games. But Indians swimmers have produced a fairly decent result at the Asian and Commonwealth Games.

A single bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games may not look so attractive to the people. But a tally of nine medals including one gold and two silver medals along with six bronze at the Asian Games does deserve some recognition.

Sachin Nag is the Pioneer

Sachin Nag is the pioneer of all water sports in India. He started his career in the early post-independence era for the country. Sachin is also recognized as the first Indian gold medallist at the Asian Games ever, for his gold medal in the 100m freestyle event at the inaugural Asian Games in 1951. Till date no other Indian swimmer has managed to win a gold medal in swimming at the Asian Games.

Sachin added two more medals to his tally at the competition and also participated in the 1948 and 1952 Olympic Games.

Virdhawal Khade is the first Indian Swimmer to compete at 3 events in Olympic Games

The Kolhapur born lad is credited to being the first Indian to compete in three Olympic swimming events at the age of 17 during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Virdhawal is also credited to being the first Indian Swimmer to break into the FINA top 100 world rankings in 2008. He achieved his personal best ranking in 50m butterfly at 57th spot.


So India has a small story to tell and hopefully the next generation of Indian swimmers will add to this story

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