National Archery Championship: Rajat Chauhan Shines

World Championship silver medalist Rajat Chauhan stood out during the 36th National Archery Championship with an excellent performance.


 Rajat Chauhan

Rajat managed to defeat World Cup gold medalist Abhishek Verma in the men’s compound finals by a score of 148-146. Rajat then went on to help his Rajasthan team, consisting of Ajay Singh, Nand Kishore Rawat and Sarvesh Pareek win gold, as they finished ahead of Delhi with a score of 231-228.

 “I’m very happy with the two gold medals for Rajsthan. I had prepared well, and the hard work has brought very good results,” said Rajat after winning the gold medals.

Earlier, Abhishek was seen dominating the category but once the final kicked off, the story turned on its head. In the women’s category, Jyoti Surekha of Petroleum Sports brand successfully retained her gold medal in the compound event, by defeating Prabhjot Kaur of Punjab. The final score read 142-140 in favor of Surekha.

Despite the loss, Punjab had a reason to smile when they won the team gold. The team that boasted the likes of Priyanshu Kachhap, Jaskaranpreet Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur apart from Prabhjot defeated Maharashtra with a score of 157-153.

Results of National Archery Championship

Compound: Men (ranking round): 1. Abhishek Verma (Del) 701; 2. Ch. Jignas (Ser) 700; 3. Anil Kumar (ITBP) 698.

Team (semifinals): Delhi beat ITBP 230-225; Rajasthan beat Assam Rifles 228-225.

Quarterfinals: ITBP beat Services 224-224 (29-26); Delhi beat Uttar Pradesh 229-225; Rajasthan beat Assam 231-224; Assam Rifles beat Madhya Pradesh 229-227. Pre-quarterfinals: Services beat Railways 237-222; ITBP beat Telangana 229-226; Uttar Pradesh beat Haryana 227-226; Delhi beat Uttarakhand 228-227; Assam beat Andhra Pradesh 234-223; Rajasthan beat Punjab 228-226; Assam Rifles beat Himachal Pradesh 228-226; Madhya Pradesh beat Meghalaya 229-227.

Women (ranking round): 1. V. Jyothi Surekha (PSPB) 686 (46); 2. Swati Dudhwal (Raj) 686 (41); 3. Lili Chanu Paonam (Man) 681.

Team (semifinals): Punjab beat Railways 227-218; Maharashtra beat Manipur 221-219.

Quarterfinals: Railways beat Andhra Pradesh 220-217; Punjab beat Rajasthan 232-222; Maharashtra beat Jharkhand 221-220; Manipur beat Delhi 222-222 (30-27). Pre-quarterfinals: Railways beat Chandigarh 227-196; Andhra Pradesh beat Himachal Pradesh 216-215; Punjab beat Kerala 232-220; Rajasthan beat Haryana 221-207; Maharashtra beat Chhattisgarh 226-201; Jharkhand beat Bihar 220-209; Delhi beat Arunachal Pradesh 220-217; Manipur beat West Bengal 220-170.

Mixed team: 1. Rajasthan (Swati Dudhwal, Sarvesh Pareek) 1383; 2. Maharashtra (Jayalakshmi Sarikonda, Swapnil Dhamdhere) 1368; 3. Delhi (Divya Adlakha, Abhishek Verma) 1366.

Compound: Men (final): Rajat Chauhan (Raj) beat Abhishek Verma (Del) 148-146; Third place: Sarvesh Kumar (Raj) beat Gokul Tamuli (Asm) 147-140. Semifinals: Abhishek beat Sarvesh 147-146; Rajat bt Gokul 147-142. Team (final): Rajasthan beat Delhi 231-228; Third place: ITBP beat Assam Rifles 223-222.

Women (final): V. Jyothi Surekha (PSPB) beat Prabhjot Kaur (Pun) 142-140; Third place: Lily Chanu Paonam (Man) beat Trisha Deb (Rly) 145-140. Semifinals: V. Jyothi Surekha beat Trisha Deb 145-141; Prabhjot Kaur beat Lily Chanu Paonam 140-139. Team (final): Punjab beat Maharashtra 223-222; Third place: Railways beat Manipur 222-218.

Mixed team (final): Maharashtra (Jayalakshmi Sarikonda, Swapnil Dhamdhere) beat Rajasthan (Swati Dudhwal, Sarvesh Prateek) 157-153. Third place: Manipur (Lili Chanu Paonam, Oinam Kennedy Singh) beat Bihar (Anjali Kumari, Gurvinder Singh) 149-147. Semifinals: Rajasthan beat Bihar 157-148; Maharashtra bt Manipur 151-150.

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