Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen Ends In a Knockout Win For the Indian

Vijender Singh took the shortest route to a victory in his second professional bout with an impressive first round knock out of Dean Gillen. Just as easy as 1-2-3, Vijender Singh had Dean Gillen on the mat and his first in the air to signify a win via TKO (Knock out). Here is our minute by minute account of the short bout

Impressive win by Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh registered a quick win in his second professional bout

The bout was shorter than the time it took for the event to get started, and one man certainly seemed in a hurry to get things done. From Haryana, India, Vijender Singh did Indian boxing fans proud by a clinical win. In an exclusive interview with Sports Rediscovered, Vijender Singh had mentioned that he had a game plan for Dean Gillen. One is not very sure whether he got enough time to execute his plans

Opening Bell – Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen

In his white shorts with the prominent display of the triclor , there was no doubt where Vijender’s loyalties rested. His opponent , Dean Gillen was in black shorts and looked the more neatly dressed, perhaps the only contest that the British firefighter won on the day.

First Minute – Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen

From the outset, Vijender was the more relaxed and composed of the two boxers and with he was also moving very effectively from his open stance into positions where he could hurt Dean Gillen. Dean had a shell guard and moved up for the first minute or so , but the British firefighter clearly did not seem to have the firepower to counter the Olympic Boxing medalist from India.

Second Minute – Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen

By the second minute, Vijender had Dean Gillen on the mat , perhaps due to a slip, although the punch from Vijender did make its mark. Proceedings took a turn for the worse for Dean Gillen from that point onwards and he neither displayed the chin for an extended battle or the technique to change the flow of events.

Vijender was to have one more person on the mat. In a comical turn of events, the referee tripped on Vijender and had the presence and sense of humor to laugh it off.

Final Minute – Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen

As the bout went into the third and final minute, Vijender Singh was all over his opponent and a series of punches with the British fighter on the ropes brought the bout to a quick end. Vijender Singh had plans to return to India in early November and once again he proved what all Managers know in Indian companies, never stop an employee from taking his Diwali break on time !


On a more serious note, this bout was a clear indication of the continuing progress of Vijender. There will be tougher nights and harder opponents but for tonight we must salute Vijender Singh and his 2-0 record in professional boxing.

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