Sports Stats Weekly: Indian Chess Miracles

For most part of the 21st century Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand has kept India on top in the world of chess. He is credited to bringing back glory to the country that created the game. However, in this edition of Sports Stats Weekly we are not looking at Anand’s games. Instead we look at other Indian chess players who caused some serious upsets in the game.

Indian Chess

Bright future for Indian Chess

Rookie Indian Outclasses Grandmaster

Back in 2002 Devendra Bajpai, a 31 year-old was considered a rookie in the game of chess. And most analysts ignored his credentials at the Asian Cities Chess Championship. However, Bajpai made his name in that very tournament when he managed to outclass GM Dzhumaev Marat of Uzbekistan.

Team Lucknow started poorly in the tournament and Bajpai’s win ended up being the most significant game for the team. Barring Bajpai’s efforts Lucknow had nothing much to rejoice about.

Ankit Rajpara’s move of the day

Recently turned Grandmaster Ankit Rajpara is credited to making the “move of the day” against GM Arkadij Naiditsch during the Qatar Masters in 2014. Rajpara used an unorthodox strategy to which Naiditsch fell victim to and finally ended up losing the match. His 20th move sacrifice of his bishop put Naiditsch King out in the open for Rajpara to take advantage of.

Naiditsch vs Rajpara in 2014 is one of the Indian’s most note-worthy game of his career so far.

There have been numerous other times when India has marked its dominance in Chess and became regarded as the new superpower in Chess. In recent times, the country has not succeeded to live up its tag but with a lot of promise from the youth players it may not be long before another Indian takes a shot at the World Championship.

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