Combat Sportsperson Of The Week: Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik is another strong wrestler from the roots of Haryana and in the Indian team. She adds to the undisputed dominance of the Indian state of Haryana in the sports of wrestling. Born on the 3rd September 1992, Saskshi took up wrestling at an early age.

Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik

Living the dream

Sakshi came to the International sporting arena and claimed her recognition at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She claimed the silver medal at the competition after losing to Aminat Adeniyi of Nigeria in the finals.

Her performances at the world stage did not suffer after the loss but only got stronger over time.

She performed the best for India later in the World Championships in the same year. However, she failed to pick a medal in Tashkent. But her performances called for a huge round of applause, especially because her compatriots at the tournament departed as early as the first round. And Sakshi, 20, at the time managed her way to the third round.

Strong and Determined Sakhi Malik knows her mistakes

An athlete no matter how strong they are and compete at whichever level, what makes them great is their attitude toward the sport and the ability of knowing their mistakes. At such an early age, Sakshi has already demonstrated these qualities. Having won the bronze medal at the Asian Wrestling Championships earlier this year, she looked back at her own mistakes instead of being simply happy about winning the medal for the country.

The determination of this young wrestler is bound to take her the long way and just 22 year-old, the name is likely to become a well-known one in the sport of wrestling in the near future.

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