India Lifts Junior Asia Cup 2015

The Indian youngsters had a fantastic tournament at the Junior Asia Cup in Malaysia. The team managed to score five or more goals four times they played. Playing Pakistan in the final, India scored six goals to ensure a comfortable triumph.

Junior Asia Cup 3

India win Junior Asia Cup

Harmanpreet Singh Scores 15 goals at the Junior Asia Cup

The cricketing ties between the two nations may have been sour at the moment but contesting at the Junior Asia Cup both teams gave their supporters a lot to cheer for making their way to the pitch in the final.

India kept up their good form from the previous games and broke the deadlock within the first quarter of the game. The first goal in the 13th minute was quickly followed up by another goal from the penalty corner by the top scorer Harmanpreet Singh. Pakistan bounced back coming near to the half-hour mark with a goal from Yaqoob Muhammad.

However, the goal did not help Pakistan’s cause as Harmanpreet Singh again struck to complete his hat-trick in the 30th minute. The teams went to break with India leading 3-1.

The second half saw Armaan Qureshi and Manpreet Jr join the goal scorers list on the night. While Harmanpreet refused to stop scoring as he added fourth to his name. And late in the second half, Pakistan scored a consolation goal.

India won the game 6-2 to be crowned the champions of Asia in the junior men’s circuit.

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