OLX Should Correct Disrespectful Mention Of Indian Hockey Team

OLX, a national online classifieds marketplace, has made disrespectful mention of the Indian Hockey team in their new radio advertisement. This is something we should protest against as it is not in sportsmanship and needlessly disparages our national sport.


Indian Hockey team is compared to an old fridge

The radio Advertisement was aired on 92.7 FM on December 2, 2015 and was aimed at promoting the new OLX mobile application. However, the marketing trick took a needless shot at the Indian Hockey Team.

The advertisement that was suggesting the sale of an old fridge, commented as follows:

“A family with an old fridge only gets as much importance as the Indian Hockey team. Both of them need an upgrade. The only difference is, you can sell your old fridge by placing an Ad in OLX”.

Comparing an old fridge to the Indian Hockey team was clearly not the right move from OLX. Those with a better knowledge of Indian hockey could have perhaps told the OLX marketing advisers that the Indian hockey team recently moved to a new high of World #6 ranking and has recently drawn a three match series against top rated Australia. Not to mention that the Indian hockey team is known as one of the fittest teams in hockey. Surely the ones needing an upgrade are the marketing and advertising folks at OLX.

This is a bad case of misinformed advertising and completely disrespectful towards the Indian national sport. Considering that the Indian Hockey team players have been sacrificing their blood and sweat for the nation , the cheeky ad from OLX could have been easily avoided.

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