Five Indian Tennis Players To Look Out For In 2016

Each year we come up with the question who would replace the greats from our country by whose names we know and recognize the sport. We have next generation sportsmen coming up and changing the way the game is played, making new grounds, achieving new highs.

India and its upcoming sportsmen have forever been regarded as a sleeping giant. The case is not much different in Tennis either. India is yet to produce the gems that it is supposed to. However, in this report we look at five Indian tennis players who are expected to reach new highs in the upcoming year.

#5 Ankita Raina

Ankita Raina

Ankita Raina

The name would probably sound alien to some of the readers. But it would not be long before the name becomes a main stay among tennis fans in the country. Ankita Raina is now the top ranked Indian woman’s singles player since the retirement of Sania Mirza from singles tennis. She has only broken in the top 250 this year and has much to improve on her game to reach the higher levels.

She is not yet at the Grand Slam level. However, her development in the coming year would be much note worthy for the tennis faithful in the country. Click on Next Slide to know Number 4 and Number 3.

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