Has High Hopes About Anirban Lahiri, Says Tiger Woods


Golfing legend Tiger Woods has claimed that he is optimistic about Indian golfer Anirban Lahiri. Woods said that Lahiri has the potential to win a medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics now that the game is back in the Olympics fold for the first time since 1904.


Tiger Woods

“Anirban, I am sure will be a part of the Olympics and he will be great and hopefully he wins. That will be an explosion for all of India,” Woods told during a press interaction.

Lahiri is currently leading the Asian Order of Merit and has secured himself a card for the next season.

“What Anirban is trying to do is that he went from the Asian Tour to the European tour to the American Tour, that itself is very hard. That much of travelling is tough. Trying to figure out how many times he’s going to play on which Tour,” Woods added.

He also pointed out certain things that transform Lahiri.

“How much travel he is going to be doing? Where his home base is going to be? That will take a toll on you overtime. Time will tell how he is going to cope with all these things and hopefully he does great. Getting to know him over the last couple of years has been fun, so I not only wish him success over this week but also in future,” Woods added.

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