Indians Inch Close At Qatar Masters Open 2015

It is halfway at the Qatar Masters Open 2015 Chess tournament and with no surprises World Champion Magnus Carlsen leads on the top with 4.5 points out of a possible 5. The Indian players at the tournament have done an impressive job so far, maintaining a close distance with the leader.

Qatar Masters Open

GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly

Indians impress at Qatar Masters Open 2015

GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly is the closest Indian to the lead, standing at 4 points from his five games. While Vignesh NR and P Harikrishna closely follow at 3.5 points each in the tournament. They have made themselves look the most prominent Indian players so far in the tournament.

Ganguly has defeated his lower rated opponents with relative ease but has faced certain bumps when it comes to players being rated the same as him. However, a strong display in the fifth round against David Howell ensured the full point for him and took him to touching distance with Magnus Carlsen.

The result has also put a strong competition for the Indian as he goes up against the Dutch prodigy Anish Giri in his next game.

Vignesh NR, who is yet to receive his Grandmaster title, has gone on to upset a few GMs who have a much higher rating than himself. This makes the seventeen year old, the dark horse among the Indian players. His tournament comprised of games against GM Bartel Mateusz and GM Wei Yi, whom he comfortably defeated to win full points.

He settled for draw against his remaining opponents keeping him undefeated at the tournament. An achievement of sorts for him as he is rated 2422 and so far all his opponents have been over the 2600 mark.

Vinesh’s impressive form lands him a fixture with yet another 2600+ rated player, and this time it’s not just any player. He goes up against China’s Yifan Hou, who is rated 2683, the highest among the women chess players at the time.


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