Vijender Singh To Have A Professional Match In India Soon

Indian Boxer Vijender Singh is all set to have his first professional bout in Indian soil. Vijender’s promoter, Francis Warren said that the former Olympic Medallist will do the same in July this year.


Vijender Singh

Apart from this, Warren also stated that Vijender will be having a huge match in either September or October.

 “There are massive plans for him this year, we are going to officially launch him in Delhi, followed by a big match in September as compared to his previous ones. We have never done something on this scale and it will be frenzy, when people come to know. It could also happen in October,” Warren said.

Warren also added that Vijender’s rise in the sport is a good thing for India as most of the country’s best boxers are rooted to the amateur circuit.

“Vijender’s rise as a pro boxer was very important for India, because the country has a wealth of talent within the amateur circuit, it needed some representation on the professional circuit, where the actual money is. He is a flag bearer for Indian boxing and is doing a lot to put India on the international map,” he added.

Vijender has been undefeated in his professional boxing career so far by winning all three of his bouts. He will have his fourth bout on February 13 at Liverpool.

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