Candidates Tournament Contenders: Levon Aronian


Qualification: Wildcard

FIDE Rating: 2786

Most Played Opening (W/B): Slav, Ruy Lopez

*(Till Zurich Chess Challenge) Career Stats: Wins- 762, Draws- 960, Loses- 334

Levon Aronian

Levon Aronian

The Armenian Grandmaster has been recognised as the clear number 2 in the World of Chess for a long time. However, he no longer holds that position dearly in the last few years. The wildcard entrant at the Candidates is undoubtedly capable to win the tournament. Levon Aronian enjoys a strong set of performances against the other players involved in the Candidates tournament.

Aronian is a creative genius and is highly inclined to create something unique in every game he plays, which has caused some serious problems in his competitive results of late. His past track record would earn him comfortable win against Karjakin when playing black pieces, while he will cause trouble to the other candidates and make the tournament more interesting whenever he takes the board with white.

If Aronian continues to play in a similar fashion that he has in the past, he is likely to offer the supporters with many decisive results in the tournament that may or may not be in his favour.

How Levon Aronian fared since 1st January 2015?

Total games: 159

Wins/Draws/Loses: 48/78/33

The Armenian has managed to lose more competitive games than his opponents in the last year. His loss percentage stands at 20.75% indicating he is likely to lose one in every five games. This can be interpreted as he will certainly drop points in 3 games during the tournament in Moscow.

However, looking at the similar pool of opponents to the Sinquefield Cup (+3) and the London Chess Classic (+1) and in attempt to prove his sponsors right by offering him the wildcard. Aronian is likely to pull his performances high for earning a shot at the World Championship later this year.

Chances against Magnus Carlsen

If Aronian makes it through the Candidates, he will still not be considered a favourite against the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Aronian has been losing plenty of games and unable to convert half chances to wins. However, Aronian has managed to open his point tally against the Norwegian at the European Club Cup and that too with black pieces. This is likely to win him some confidence but it does not change the fact that he is lagging far behind with just one win against Carlsen’s seven so far.

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