Candidates Tournament Contender: Peter Svidler

Qualification: Runner-up Chess World Cup 2015

FIDE Rating: 2757

Most Played Opening (W/B): Sicilian, Grunfeld

*(Till Paul Keres Memorial) Career Stats: Wins- 799, Draws- 1208, Loses- 389

Peter Svidler

Peter Svidler

Peter Svidler is the lowest ranked player at the Candidates tournament this year. He would play as an underdog and only has an outside chance of emerging victorious against his colleagues on paper. As runner-up of the Chess World Cup and Russia’s second participant, he has an opportunity to bring back glory days for Russia in the sport.

Being the lowest ranked player, Svidler can be certain that he will face some very aggressive games against the other contenders and if he can recreate his Candidates 2013 form he is capable of pulling-out some decisive results. Svidler emerged victorious against Levon Aronian, Vassily Ivanchuk as well as current World Champion Magnus Carlsen in 2013.

Svidler’s counter attacking approach towards the game might even put him in an advantage against the opponents who come after him.

How Peter Svidler fared since 1st January 2015?

Total games: 147

Wins/Draws/Loses: 52/70/25

Svidler has earned a very good win rate of over 35% the in the past year, but he has been very unlucky during the games that mattered the most. For instance, after Svidler took the lead against his countryman Sergey Karjakin at the final of the Chess World Cup few would have bet against him. However, some great play saw Karjakin take the glory.

Chances against Magnus Carlsen

Once again if one takes a look at them on paper, hardly anyone would want to bet on the Russian. But, importantly chess is not played on paper and although ratings have their significance it cannot solely determine the result of the game. However, if Peter Svidler manages to beat his colleagues at the Candidates somehow, he will be an even greater underdog against the Norwegian. Thus, it would be adding more pressure on the World Champion to perform and the Russian is certainly capable of causing trouble to world’s best on his given day.

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