We have got a competitive squad this year: Cameron Watson


Cameron Watson sweats it out in a training session (Photo Source: Bengaluru FC)

When Cameron Watson made his way into the I League from the A League in Australia, little did he know that he was making his way into a club with massive ambitions of making it to the very top of the leagues in Asia. While the holding midfielder has been one of the standout performers for the Blues in whatever little football they played towards the close of the I-League season last year, he is certainly excited and raring to go in the upcoming edition of the League.

“We’re all really excited. It hasn’t been long since the AFC Cup final and we’re looking to pick up from where we left off. The break was good for the players and I see a few new faces in training as well, which helps build the club and move in the right direction. We’ve got a very competitive squad this year and we’re all looking forward to the League opener next Saturday.”

Speaking about the players and the way they have gelled together, Cameron Watson said, “All the new players have gelled very well and pre-season was the same as it was when I joined the club; our goals and objectives remain unchanged and we’re looking to continue doing what we’ve done well and to fix the not-so-good things that need improvement.”

Adding a word on the new players, “The new players, Mandar, Khabra, Lenny, Sena and Arindam bring with them a lot of experience from playing in the I-League, ISL and AFC. They’ve come in full of energy, as you must when you join a new club, and they’ve all added to strengthen the squad. It’s important to have depth in key areas when you’re looking to compete in the I-League and at the continental level.”

Finally, he went on to conclude that the BFC experience has been unreal to say the least. “The BFC experience has been unreal, really. I joined the club and started training in mid-July and it has been amazing. We went through from the quarterfinals all the way to the final of the AFC Cup and it’s been a great ride so far.

Coming to a different country was always going to be a challenge but I’m lucky to have some really nice people around me who’ve made my life easy since I’ve come here. I’m sure we can do a lot more as a club and we’re looking to begin a new chapter come Saturday.”

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