Suggestions For Indian Sports Minister – Union Budget 2015

As the Union Budget for 2015 is being announced by the Finance Minister today, here is our wish list  for the coverage of Sports in the Budget and for the Sports Minister. While the fine print of the Budget will be read in due course , Sports Rediscovered has the following long term suggestions for the improvement of Sports in India


Acche Din for Indian Sports – from the Sports Minister of India, Mr Sonowal

India is known for its diversity, dynamism and competitive strength across the world. India has a very large reserve of youth energy with 49% of the population being less than 24 years old. This energy, if directed positively, has the potential to challenge rest of the world in all fields. And yet on many a occasion India, suffers from indifference to sports (other than cricket).

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is responsible for providing direction and guidance to aspiring youngsters. Sarbananda Sonowal, the new man in charge of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, is known for fighting for the cause of the Assamese people. His induction into the cabinet has brought hope of improvement in the present condition of sports in India.

Suggestions For Indian Sports Minister

As someone who’s constantly involved in the betterment of sports in India,much is expected of Mr Sonowal. Here are some suggestions

  1. “Swasth Bharat Abhiyan” in-line with “Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan” – Healthy citizen make the community cohesive and a cohesive community makes an environment conducive for development and inclusiveness.  India needs multi-pronged, all-inclusive, focused and result oriented approach to improve our fitness as a nation.
  2. Implementation of the ‘National Sports Development Code Of India’ (NSCI) 2011–  The NSCI (2011) was conceived in a move to promote sports across the country, at par with education and public health. Objective of the NSCI is to bring transparency into the functioning of  the NSF (National Sports Federations).NSCI provides the following as its main intentions:
    • to define the areas of responsibility of the various agencies
    • to identify NSFs eligible for coverage under these guidelines, to set priorities, and to detail the procedures to be followed by the Federations, to avail of Government sponsorship.
    • to state the conditions for eligibility to receive government recognition and grant.                     If implemented with spirit, NSCI would become the basis of sports reform in India.
  3. Accreditation of Sports at Par with Education –  One of the root causes behind the poor state of sports in India is that parents do not let their children take up sports fearing there is no ‘future in the field’. What if sports was made a professional course like Engineering? The sports minister should use his powers to make sports a field of education and expertise. This does call for some fundamental restructuring and political will, but given the credentials our new sports minister has, this can be implemented.
  4. Gender Equality in Sports in India–  Although India has produced many internationally acclaimed sports women, the ratio is anything but equal.The glass ceiling in sports needs to be broken. The balance has always been tilted towards boys in India.However, continuous efforts by state and central government bodies have yielded encouraging results. In order to further remove the gender bias from sports, the ministry, along with other sports bodies,needs to initiate focused programs to encourage equal participation from women and girls across the country.

… and the list goes on.But this could well be a start for a sports movement

With this article Sports Rediscovered, hopes to put forward to the Hon’ Sports Minister, the wishes and expectations of billions of Indians. We are sure the new Minister will take into account the trust that we have placed in him.

The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.Lets work towards a more sporting India in all senses of the term. An India that will produce more Vishwanathan Anands and Mary Koms along with more Virat Kohli’s.

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