Sarjubala Devi Interview: My Biggest Inspiration Is Mary Kom

At only 19 years of age Shamjetsabam Sarjubala Devi had already made a name for herself by winning the AIBA World Youth Boxing Championship in 2011. India’s future in boxing is headed the right way with a boxer like Sarjubala spearheading the country’s next generation of boxers. She is 21 years old now and well on her way now to fulfilling all expectations. She became a national champion this year and by winning a Silver medal at her very first Senior Women’s World Championship in Jeju achieved an incredible feat.

Recently, Shariq Khan from Sports Rediscovered got a chance to have an exclusive interview with this talented boxer. The following are the excerpts –

SR: Congratulations on winning silver at your very first senior world championship. How does it feel?

Sarjubala: Thank you. I am very happy after winning a silver medal in the World Championship as it was my first Senior International Competition.

SR: You were a favourite in the light flyweight category Final. What went wrong in the final bout?

Sarjubala: My aim was to achieve gold but due to some mistakes I had to settle for Silver. Now, I will surely try to get Gold in the next World Championship.

SR: How did you get interested in Boxing? Who was your inspiration?

Sarjubala: From the beginning itself I have always loved sports and then I entered in the field of Boxing. Whenever I used to hear the news of Che Mary Kom and Che Sarita it interested me. My biggest inspiration is Che Mary Kom.

SR: How was the journey to becoming a national champion? Who were the people who helped you along?

Sarjubala: I suffered many problems on my way to becoming a boxer but finally becoming national champion makes it all worth it. Many people have helped me in this journey, most importantly my family and my coaches.


Shamjetsabam Sarjubala Devi is India’s rising boxing star.

SR: What is your plan for the coming years? Feeling confident of qualifying for Olympics?

Sarjubala: My aim now is to be able to box with the senior boxers and I also plan to get gold in the next Championship. I have to become the world champion in 48 kg weight category. It is my biggest dream to qualify for the coming Olympics.

SR: If you were not a boxer, what would you have been?

Sarjubala: I believe I would have been a Police officer if I wasn’t a Boxer.

SR: Currently Haryana dominates boxing in India but Manipuri boxers like yourself are making a big name too. How do you think the boxing ring would look like some years from now?

Sarjubala: In India boxing is developing day by day. Mostly this development is happening in the states of Haryana and Manipur. I believe that certain young talented boxers of India will show their performances in the near future.

SR: You are called ‘The next Mary Kom’ by many boxing critics, does that put some pressure on you?

Sarjubala: Yes it does but I will try my level best.

SR: You’ve become a famous person at a young age, what’s your message for other young people?

Sarjubala: Young people should always stay away from drugs, alcohol etc. And every one should work sincerely and respectfully in their own way to achieve their goals and targets.

Sports Rediscovered would like to thank Sarjubala Devi for the interview and we wish her all the very best for her career.

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