Pankaj Advani Triumphs At The National Snooker Championship

The stand out resume of Pankaj Advani saw a new addition when the 12 time world Champion annexed the Senior National Snooker Championship at the Bengal Rowing Club. Advani defeated 24 year old Varun Madan 6-3 in the finals in a hard fought match.

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani

In a well fought encounter Advani prevailed 83(45)-36, 73(54)-35, 27-86(57), 79-0, 13-87(62), 76(70)-35, 48-72, 74(74)-0, 96-09.  Varun, in his first senior National final, gave Advani a run for his money in the third, fifth and seventh frame of the match but every other frame proved to be a one man show from Advani.

This is Advani’s second title in the time span of two weeks as he had also won the National billiards Championship last week.

After the match Advani stated

“With each passing year, I feel to achieve the double is becoming tougher with so many specialists in either billiards or snooker. But I’m somewhere in between. I’m glad that I remained unbeaten,” .

Advani added that it was not easy to compete in two different formats in a tight time frame and showered praise on his opponent.

“We’ve been good friends; we used to hang out in England. I’m very happy for him for making his maiden final. He will have really good years of snooker” .

In the presentation ceremony, former champion Yasin Merchant was effusive in his praise for the double national champion,

“We are watching a genius in action. “

Going further Yasin added that it would be impossible for someone to match Advani’s records. Elaborating he said that for another Advani it would need a coach like Arvind Savur. The veteran coach was present at the function and gracefully stood up to accept the accolades.

The next person to speak was Aditya Mehta who spoke eloquently and crisply about the fighting spirit of Varun Madan. Aditya agreed with Yasin’s assessment with one additional input, he mentioned that the next big champion could also be coached by Yasin merchant.

It was heartening to see that India’s top cue players had the ability to deliver as well with a mic as they did on the table !

As for Pankaj Advani, the sky is the limit for this young champion. Keep reading Sports Rediscovered to follow the record breaking feats of  Pankaj Advani and Aditya Mehta

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