Garima Choudhary Gets A Chance At National Games

Garima Choudhary is the only Judoka to represent India at the 2012 Olympics. 2014 was an amazing year for her with medals at the national and international level. She won gold at SAF Championship and also stood seventh at Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

However, despite the accolades Garima Choudhary won for the country, she has not been able to participate in the national championships due to issues with the sports’ governing state body and the national federation. In 2014, the judoka who represents Haryana, was left ‘almost stateless’.  Further, Garima was not allowed to participate in the trials for the National Games in Kerala this year.


Garima Choudhary has represented India internationally but her treatment by her home state of Haryana has been poor.

All of this came after consistently brilliant performances by Garima Choudhary. When nothing worked, she filed a writ petition against the Union of India and others through advocate Rahul Mehra.

Justice through the courts

Rahul Mehra, a leading Sports activist and lawyer, came to Garima’s rescue. Rahul Mehra has been at the forefront of rights for the Indian sportsmen.

According to the representation in court, the state of Haryana had requested Judo Federation of India for deletion of Garima’s name. Consequently, Garima sought to represent the state of Tripura. Unfortunately, the complete delegation from Tripura was disallowed and in recent times Garima was not even allowed to participate in the trial for selection of Haryana’s National Games team.

The petition also stated that ‘there is a “vendetta” being employed against the petitioner (Garima Choudhary) as she had insisted on being trained by her personal coach’.

Delhi High Court judgement

The Delhi High Court has delivered a judgment in the matter with a further hearing scheduled to be held after the National Games. Honorable Justice Rajiv Shakdher directed Haryana Judo Association and Judo Federation of India to conduct a trial for Garima Choudhary.

It was also ordered that the process be videographed with the CD of these trials being submitted as evidence. Along with that, Advocate Arun Batta was appointed Court Commissioner. He will oversee that trials are conducted in a fair manner.


Sports Rediscovered hopes to see Indian sports persons win their battles inside as well as outside court. But hopefully the real battles for our sporting competitors remain on the sports field and are won on the sports field, only.

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