Punjab Warriors Emerge Victorious Against Kalinga Lancers

Punjab Warriors earned a patient and hard fought win over hosts Kalinga Lancers and consolidated their position at the top of the points table in the Hockey India League. The Kalinga Lancers, after having won the first game of the tournament against the Ranchi Rays, now find themselves sliding down the barrel with 3 losses.

The Warriors have looked in good shape right from the start of the tournament. Barring a few exceptions they have displayed professionalism on the field in all their matches so far. Today’s away game against the Lancers was yet another proof of their top level commitment.

Kalinga Lancers earn the lead through Gurjinder

Punjab Warriors appeared to be on the backfoot after conceding a goal in the 24th minute. Gurjinder Singh, gave the home team the lead through an exceptional drag flick. However, the Warriors kept their spirits high and opened up scoring options every now and then.

Punjab Warriors win 2-1 against Kalinga Lancers

Punjab Warriors earned a 2-1 away win against Kalinga Lancers (image courtesy ibnlive)

Punjab Warriors equalize and then get the upper hand

It was the third quarter of the match when the Warriors roared back to life. The comeback was mainly inspired by Sandeep Singh’s penalty corner which levelled the scoreboard. However, the visitors did not stop there, and pushed on harder. Their efforts bore fruit again, in the 50th minute, when they got the second goal of the match from Affan Yousuf.

This proved to be the final nail in the coffin for the hosts Kalinga Lancers. They could not make their way back from that point and the Punjab Warriors took home a satisfying 2-1 victory.

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