Geeta Phogat Features In An Inspirational Advertisement


The addition of an inspirational video on Youtube added to the glorious story of Geeta Phogat. Geeta was the first Indian woman to win a Gold Medal in wrestling at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and her journey from a conservative background to the top of Indian wrestling is phenomenal.

Geeta Phogat Features In An Inspirational Advertisement

Inspiration for a Generation of Women Wrestlers

Geeta Phogat hails from a village where it was not considered appropriate for women to participate in sports. She still did not give up on her dream and with the support of her father, she managed to break down these limitations.

Geeta Phogat also won a bronze in the World Wrestling Championships in Canada in 2012 and is the only Indian female Olympian in wrestling. Geeta has inspired an entire generation of Haryana women wrestlers. Perhaps the most inspired are her sisters, Babita and Vinesh Phogat who claimed gold in the Commonwealth games 2014.

Seeing a sportswoman getting the deserved appreciation makes this advertisement a special one for the fans. At the same time it is also an eye opener for anyone who thinks that Indian women are a step behind in the sporting arena.

The Video – Geeta Phogat’s Story

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