Pankaj Advani Moves Closer Towards Knockouts At World Snooker Championships

Pankaj Advani looks determined to clinch his 13th world title. The 29 year-old Bangalorean eased past Austria’s Paul Schopf with a 4-0 win in his third league game of the ongoing IBSF world snooker championship at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru.

Pankaj Advani, Vidya Pillai Begin World Snooker Championship With Wins

“I’m happy to get the first match out of the way, but it was a wake up call for me. I need to improve on my safety play which I was not happy with today.”- Pankaj Advani.

Pankaj Advani Interview: India’s Man Of Steel

I had to lost to Peter in the group stage very narrowly and knew the capacity he has to win. Therefore I was very alert from the word go. Initially Peter took the lead and I was on the backfoot. But by the time of the interval, I managed to draw parity at 2-2. That was good enough for me. After having a bite, some tea and a chat with Shree, I was in a much better place, taking the next 4 frames to win the title.

Pankaj Advani Wins World Billiards Championship In Timed Format

Pankaj Advani claimed another World Title by convincingly beating Rob Hall of the UK in the Finals.  Pankaj once again displayed his temperament and class in winning a second World Title in this tournament. Last Week, Pankaj claimed the World Title in the Points Format by beating Peter Gilchrist in the Finals. 12th World Title For

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Pankaj Advani Wins World Billiards Championship, Beats Robert Hall

In his quiet understated way yet classy , Pankaj has gone on to claim 12 World Titles. It is time perhaps to recognize another World Champion in our midst.

World Billiards Championship: Pankaj Advani Wins 11th World Crown

Pankaj Advani has shown a rare capability of playing his best in the Finals of a World Championship. In this event, Pankaj Advani had been defeated by Peter Gilchrist in the group stages. But in the finals Pankaj did not allow Peter Gilchrist to settle down as he raced away to a 6 -2 victory.

Pankaj Advani Wins World Billiard Championship

Pankaj Advani won the World Billiard Championship today, beating Peter Gilchrist of UK in the finals. This is the eleventh World title for the Indian champion. This win is even more creditable as Pankaj Advani had taken a break from billiards in order to do well in the professional snooker tour. In the finals today, Pankaj

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Indian Snooker – Aditya Mehta And The Art of 147

Aditya Mehta lost the match with the final result being 4-2 in favor of the Scottish player. Contrary to the reality of the scoreboard, everyone was congratulating Aditya Mehta. One wondered what on earth made this player rejoice even in defeat ?

On Independence Day, India Clinch The World Team Billiards Championship

[I]t was independence day and the Indian billiards team made our country proud by clinching the World Team Billiards Championship which was held in Glasgow. In an all-India finale, the India ‘B’ team defeated the India ‘A’  5-4 in a best of nine clash. The India ‘B’, comprising of world champ Pankaj Advani, Rupesh Shah,

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