Pankaj Advani Wins Title No. 14

Pankaj Advani is India’s most successful cueist. The ISBF World Billiards Championship recently concluded at Adelaide became his 14th world title. He ousted Singapore’s Peter Gilchrist in the finals of the competition by a margin of 1168 points. A good night’s sleep did the trick for Pankaj Advani After winning his 14th world title, Pankaj

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Sports Stats Weekly #8: Cue Sports (Billiards, Snooker)

Cue sports such as billiards, snooker, pool and their different variants are quite popular as a pass time hobby in many of the metro cities in the country. Unfortunately, not many people would ever plan on turning pro in the game in spite of India’s vast success in the field, which is quite disappointing. What is also disappointing

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Pankaj Advani Loses ACBS Final To Hamza Akbar

Indian hopes of a winner were halted in the final of the 31st ACBS Championships at Kuala Lumpur when Pankaj Advani lost to Pakistan’s Hamza Akbar, in a close tie by the odd frame in thirteen. The young Pakistani won the match 7-6 to bring home the title for his country, after 17 years. Pankaj

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Pankaj Advani Wins National Billiards Championship

Indian Billiards ace Pankaj Advani pocketed his seventh National billiards Championship beating Dhruv Sitwala 5-0 on Saturday at the Bengal Rowing Club. The start of the game did not go as Pankaj wanted but after the first frame, it was all too easy for Pankaj. He posted breaks of 150 and 153 to sweep the match in

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Pankaj Advani Interview: India’s Man Of Steel

I had to lost to Peter in the group stage very narrowly and knew the capacity he has to win. Therefore I was very alert from the word go. Initially Peter took the lead and I was on the backfoot. But by the time of the interval, I managed to draw parity at 2-2. That was good enough for me. After having a bite, some tea and a chat with Shree, I was in a much better place, taking the next 4 frames to win the title.

Pankaj Advani Wins World Billiards Championship, Beats Robert Hall

In his quiet understated way yet classy , Pankaj has gone on to claim 12 World Titles. It is time perhaps to recognize another World Champion in our midst.

Pankaj Advani Wins World Billiard Championship

Pankaj Advani won the World Billiard Championship today, beating Peter Gilchrist of UK in the finals. This is the eleventh World title for the Indian champion. This win is even more creditable as Pankaj Advani had taken a break from billiards in order to do well in the professional snooker tour. In the finals today, Pankaj

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