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abhilash guttedar

Abhilash Guttedar

Abhilash Guttedar |  Writer & Copy-Editor

Abhilash is a second year economics major student, a district level cricket and basketball player, he’s always been passionate about sports. Abhilash believes that one’s attention should not be limited to popular sports like cricket, there are so many Indians who have excelled in other sports and their achievements are unsung. Through his articles, he wants to throw light upon the unsung sports heroes.

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Debotosh| Writer &  Cricket Specialist

Debotosh is an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, who has spent the better part of his college life thinking and writing on the umpteen issues of daily life. He is a die hard cricket aficionado and never misses a chance to express his opinions on the intricacies of the Gentleman’s Game

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Haresh Ramchandani

Haresh Ramchandani |  Tennis Columnist & Senior Writer

Haresh is a thirty-something-year-old from Mumbai, who works as a banker by day and transforms into a tennis writer by night. Still looking for his next muse after the retirement of Steffi Graf… Finds it in different players at different times. When he’s not writing about tennis, he is either playing it, reading about it or watching it! Believes in the motto “Game, Set, Match, Life!”.



Mudita Sonar

Mudita Sonar |  Writer

Mudita is a twenty year-old literature student at Delhi University. She is a huge Jim Caviezel fan! Mudita survives on cricket, amongst other sports. Loves American television and is enthusiastic about traveling. Through her articles she hopes to give her views on Indian cricket and sports beyond cricket.

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Abhijit Raghunathan | Writer

Abhijit is a die hard fan of Manchester United and Bengaluru Football Club , but most of all he is a fan of good sporting action



Sudeshna Banerjee

Sudeshna Banerjee



Sudeshna Banerjee |  Senior Writer & Copy-Editor


Sudeshna is a former journalist and sports addict whose first love is tennis. Movies and books form a big part of her life. She loves to travel and is a history aficionado. She believes that for India to progress in sports, one should give attention to sports other than cricket as well. Through her articles, she hopes to bring to light the myriad sports talents that India has who do not come under the spotlight often.



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